author coming soon

author coming soon:-

Baddhi kalyan

Hi, guys thank you for being in love with us we are fixing the issues of the site!
baddi kalyan

we are soonly connect with you all with- (.com) domain nothing but
TECH BADDHI that contains not only technology NEWS even expect more categories.:-
Tech baddi

  • Naya Gadi;- contains upcoming motorcycles, bikes & cars, 

  • entertainment;- contains upcoming films bio with Trailers (or) Teasers & today Released reviews,

  • Study cum social;- contains WhatsApp stunning cutoff videos with exam pattern pdf, 

  • storyline;- nothing but contains a legendary story with short and readability, 

  • health man pleasure;- contains sexual health tips! That's all!

we have already placed a new website that is with (5) Different categories but we fail with Security issues  So I deleted that site.

I take a strong Discussions to create a website but the domain name is same just change a little bit of (techbaddhi.Tk to

so we are going to Interface  with each other soonly with

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